Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Political Cowardice

I was recently speaking with Disco Mike, Warrior of CWOD, regarding the upcoming election. Apparently, he and the other Warriors of CWOD have been having a bit of a disagreement over voting. The argument centers on whether or not voting for a third party candidate will help elect Obama.

This is a common theme among voters in this country. Elections are no longer about supporting the candidate who is best for the job. Instead we are merely trying to keep the “other side” from winning. Third party candidates are not “electable” and, therefore, voting for them only helps the “other side”. Regardless of the fact that both varieties of Republicrat are essentially the same, every presidential election that I can remember boils down to the same two camps. Each of these camps treats the election like a life or death struggle, and if you aren’t with them, then you are for “the enemy”.

My response to such a charge?


I support Chuck Baldwin for President. However, it is not likely that he will win. This is not to say that I won’t try to persuade others to vote for him. Rather, I simply acknowledge that the overwhelming majority of voters are fools who would rather sacrifice principle in exchange for some perceived good than vote for a candidate whom they actually believe in. Nearly every conservative that I know is so afraid of Obama winning in November that they race to support McCain despite the fact that he isn’t conservative. Why not flock to Chuck Baldwin? Why not gather around Bob Barr?

Because they aren’t “electable”.

This is ridiculous. Both the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party have enough pull to get their respective candidates on the ballots in enough States to win the election. Therefore, if their supporters do their damned jobs and persuade others to vote for them, then they are electable. Anyone who says otherwise is a coward and doesn’t deserve the privilege of voting.

This is the same crap that I got from people when they found out that I supported Ron Paul. This kind of cowardice is what denied him the Republican nomination and consequently resulted in the current “crisis”.

I think I’m gonna go smoke away the hate…

- Dominus -

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